MySay is a hosted platform that powers communication solutions for ISVs and wearable device manufacturers. We focus on real-time push to talk and messaging applications where simplicity and safety are a must. MySay powers solutions for:

Field Service




Device Makers

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Save Time. Add Safety

  • Faster - Phone calls take minutes of employee time. MySay takes just seconds to get the message across.
  • Safer - Messaging and Workforce apps cause accidents. If your employees use them, you are liable. MySay is eyes-free, safe & legal messaging.
  • More Control - Location and presence let you communicate with context and co- ordinate your team for fast response and less wasted employee time.
Compare to traditional voice communication

Wearable means safe and simple

  • Integrates with Wearable devices from key manufacturers of industry grade handsfree devices.
  • Eyes-Free - Replace cluttered messaging interfaces in workforce communication apps with a single button push.
  • Background mode - Set background mode for immediate playing of incoming messages.
  • Simple voice interface allows user to get and set status without touching their phone.

Push2Talk as a Service

MySay is a hosted platform for ISVs and device manufacturers looking to add instant communication capabilities to their products.
Quickly deploy as a standalone branded service, or integrate with existing solutions

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